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Review: Pocket-Sized Prince by Stormy Glenn

Title: Pocket-Sized Prince
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Length: 157 pages

Grade: B+


Iben Khenti knew he was an alpha by the time he learned to walk. Unfortunately, due to his small size, no one ever takes him seriously until it is too late. Having lived over two hundred years with a wolf that refuses to accept anyone that Iben is interested in makes for a very lonely life, and one that is quickly coming to an end. Iben is losing control of his wolf, and if that happens, the bloodshed will be unimaginable. Iben needs someone to counter his feral nature. He just never expected to find it in the omega of his new pack.

When Zack Evens is sent to welcome the new alpha into pack lands, he could think of a million other places he would rather be. When Iben steps down from the plane, Zack is positive that there has to be a mistake. He is all of five feet seven and a hundred and thirty-five pounds. When Iben shows interest in him, Zack is positive that the alpha is just like the one that had abused him. He can't help but show every bit of disdain he feels for Iben, putting them both in a dangerous situation that could cost them not only the pack but their very lives.


Stormy Glenn's paranormal books are a secret pleasure that I slip in periodically to my reading/buying habits. When I want a really enjoyable shifter or vampire novel, she's the author I turn to. In Pocket-Sized Prince, Ms. Glenn once again weaves a charming and quirky tale of werewolf mates and their struggle to be together.

Zack Evens is a low-ranking enforcer in his pack. His family was banished and he was forced to stay on when his old Alpha was deposed and he's been alone ever since. The current Alpha and his inner circle have been abusing pack members ever since until Zack's Alpha challenges the wrong wolf -- and loses -- causing a leadership change. (Fort hose with triggers, there is mention of past abuse, but it is not on-screen or graphic).

The new Alpha, Iben Khenti is 5'7 and maybe 150 pounds soaking wet. What he lacks in stature, he makes up for in attitude. Zack cannot fathom how Iben ever won the challenge with his former Alpha. Once Zack and Iben meet, Iben is immediately attracted to the other wolf, but Zack is too confused about his past to reciprocate. (This is what starts the Big Misunderstanding in the book.) However, when it looks like Iben might go feral if Zack doesn't agree to be his mate, will Zack's fears cause him to lose the only man he's ever cared about?

What I Liked

The characterization of Iben. Far from a fragile flower that needs protecting from his bigger mate, this man is fierce and his werewolf is powerful and scary. Score one for the little guy! A delightful change to the normally big burly Alphas that usually appear in this genre. I love a man who wears eyeliner and can kick ass!

Add in some amazing secondary characters in Iben's childhood friends, twin siblings -- who I hope get their own books -- one who is a woman (and not an evil b - yeah) and this has the makings of a great paranormal series in my opinion.

What Needed Some Work

The Big Misunderstanding. It's a trope that I despise. I understand the motivations behind putting this in the plot, and while it might have worked for the short-term, it became unnecessary after a certain point and dragged the plot down and caused me to lower my rating.

However, overall I really enjoyed Pocket-Sized Prince. I like it when an author scrambles up the Alpha trope and creates something interesting and new in the genre. Throw in some steamy Stormy Glenn sex scenes and I was engrossed from beginning to end. Recommended for shifter enthusiasts like me!

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  1. Hahaha Stormy Glenn is really big on the BM, but has enjoyable books. This one was one of the better ones. Not perfect, but okay.

  2. I agree. I normally like her books, but this one has a little extra with Iben. :) Thanks for commenting!