Friday, June 14, 2013

Slight summer hiatus

I'm going to take a slight summer hiatus from reviewing until July 3rd. I'll be back then to participate in the blog tour. Until then, have a safe couple of weeks.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Review: The Alpha's Ardor by Rebecca Brochu

Title: The Alpha's Ardor (Wolves of Flathead #1)
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Length: 72 pages

Grade: A- 


Declan Adair and his twin brother Lachlan are wolf shifters with no home or pack and a dark past that makes them hated by other weres. Hunted and forced to separate, Declan finds himself chased north and straight into Flathead, a large sprawling territory that is home to a single massive pack.

Unsure and more afraid than he wants to admit, Declan’s situation is only made worse by his undeniable attraction to the Flathead pack’s alpha, Law.

Law is everything an alpha should be: powerful, controlled, and surprisingly enough to Declan—kind. And when Law seems to want Declan just as much as Declan wants Law, it’s unbelievable. With a past full of hurt and the knowledge that the only one he can trust is his twin, Declan is torn between the way he knows the world works and the possibility that the alpha’s ardor might just be real.


It takes a lot to surprise me these days, but The Alpha's Ardor was a pleasant surprise. What a lovely treat for this shifter fanatic! Ms. Brochu's take on the werewolf trope is refreshingly new and intriguing. Declan and Lachlan's backstory was different and compelling and completely integral to the plot.

Declan's love interest, Law wasn't your typical gruff, controlling Alpha, but instead caring and sweet to confused and afraid Declan. The hurt-comfort scenes were wonderful between these two characters. I was engaged from beginning to end in their love story. Add in some interesting secondary characters like Declan's twin brother, Lachlan and you have the start of a great series.

This author is definitely one to watch! Really worth your time to pick this book up.