Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Five Paranormal M/M Books of 2012

To celebrate the New Year, I am posting my top five paranormal picks for 2012 - in no particular order. January 1st through 6th, I will be featuring each of these books during the New Year's Blog Hop. So check back for each post to see if you agree with my choices!

Many thanks to the authors who donate a free copy for one lucky winner. Please use the Rafflecopter option to enter a chance to win these books.

Lasha’s Top Five Paranormal M/M Books for 2012:  

A Reason to Believe by Diana Copland  
A Chip in His Shoulder (Falling Sky #1) by LA Witt*  
Pocket-Sized Prince by Stormy Glenn  
Wake Me Up Inside by Cardeno C.  
Accepting the Impossible (Guide to Armageddon #1) by Gabrielle Evans

Honorable Mention: Choices by Penny Brandon

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*Published in 2011, I read it in 2012.  

Monday, December 24, 2012

Guest Author Charlie Richards: Jared

I'd like to welcome eXtasy Books author Charlie Richards to the site. Her Wolves of Stone Ridge series is one of my auto-buy reads when I need my shifter fix.

To celebrate her new release in the Kontra's Menagerie series called Silver-Tipped Justice, she is offering up a free copy when it's published on January 1st. Please leave your name and email in the comments if you'd like to be entered into the contest.

As an added bonus, my favorite character from Goading the Enforcer (WSR #6) has graciously agreed to an interview. I'd like to welcome Jared to our site...but beware, you never know what's going to come out of this guy's mouth! Read at your own risk. *g*

* * *

Charlie: I’ve had a number of readers ask me for more about the ex-assassin Jared Templeton. To give them what they want, I’ve convinced him to join me today for a short interview. Jared, thank you for coming.

Jared: Let’s make it quick. I told Carson I’d be home in time to help trim the tree.

Charlie: Of course. Speaking of Carson, in your opinion, what was the most important factor that led to you accepting him as your mate?

Jared: Raul’s jibe about me not having friends really made me think, not to mention watching my sister get married. Meeting Carson felt kinda like getting a second chance. Besides, he’s fucking hot and knows how to please. Moving my base of operations wasn’t that big a deal.

Charlie: Your base of operations? So does that mean you have or have not given up being an assassin?

Jared: If we run across people working with the scientists and they’re shooting at us, I kill them. Many would call that war. Semantics.

Charlie: Does taking human life ever bother you?

Jared: Not anymore.

Charlie: Does that fact ever bother you?

Jared: No. There are some humans out there that are imbalanced, sadistic, and dangerous and should not be allowed to breed. Just think, now that I’m mated to a shifter, I have several hundred years to remove them from society should I happen to run across them.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Upcoming Events...

With the holiday season upon us, Lasha's Reviews will be going on a mini-hiatus after the New Year (it's called vacation!) While I won't be doing any reviews during that time period, I will be involved in Carrie Ann's New Year's Blog Hop from January 1st - 6th.

During this hop I will be unveiling my Top Five M/M Paranormal Books of 2012 and offering them up in a special giveaway via Rafflecopter. (Just a hint of my choices: spirited vampires, sexy shifter and gorgeous psychics are all on the list!) So check back January 1st for my picks and the free books.

In the next week, I will be featuring an interview with author Charlie Richards (Wolves of Stone Ridge series) and in mid-January J.L. Merrow. So lots of fun stuff coming up. And while the site might be slowing down for the holidays, be sure to check in at least once a week to see what's new.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays!

The winner of the Purrfectly Giftastic Giveaway is...Juliana.

I will email you your books. Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday season everyone who stopped by. Next big giveaway is New Year's!

Purrrfectly Giftastic Day #4: Z. Allora

It is the last day of the Purrrfectly Giftastic Blog Hop. Thank you for stopping by! Our last featured holiday book is Z. Allora's The Dark Angels: Happy Hanukkah.

Please use Rafflecopter to enter the contest. Winner will be announced 12/18/12.


What do you get when you cross a hot rock and roll band with a bag of sex toys? The Dark Angels: Happy Hanukkah.

What do kinky sex toys and Hanukkah have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing unless you're a member of the famous rock band The Dark Angels and the quiet Robin presents his band members with gifts guaranteed to spice up the holidays! Each couple makes the most of these unique gifts blending love and orgasmic fun to REALLY celebrate the festival of lights. As the band is playing with their toys, Andrew and Zack are still circling each other without resolution. Maybe a present from the fairy keyboard player will get them in the right frame of mind.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Purrrfectly Giftastic Day #3: Mary Calmes

Day three of the hop and to celebrate The Blog Hop Spot's Christmas festivities, we are featuring Mary Calmes book, Cherish Your Name. A lovely holiday novel in the Warder series.

To win a copy (along with the three other books), please use the Rafflecopter link at the bottom of this post.


Malic Sunden is in hell—only not literally... yet. As a warder, Malic is used to fighting demons and squaring off against all kinds of creatures from the pit, but this year he’s facing a new and terrifying prospect: Christmas holidays with his much-younger boyfriend and his family.

He loves Dylan, his hearth, but Dylan’s parents, the Shaws, are another story. They think Malic is a cradle-robber, among other things. At least their neighbor, Brad, seems to like him. Then again, maybe not. When Malic gets offered to a demon who wipes his memory of everything but Dylan’s name, it will take all Malic has to escape his new life in a hell dimension and return to the man he calls home.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Purrrfectly Giftastic Day #2: Diana DeRicci

It's day two of The Blog Hop Spot's Christmas hop. Today we welcome Diana DeRicci and her new holiday book What I See In You.

Please use the Rafflecopter option to enter the contest to win a copy of this book and the others.


Can the Grinch of Arbor Heights be won over by a man who believes in Cupid?

Kennedy has no use for holidays, and suffers through the pageantry. When Angel moves to town to be closer to his brother, Cupid strikes in a big way. Before he knows it, Kennedy is being courted, chased, and wooed. Angel is determined to open Kennedy's heart and isn't above using the spirit of the holidays to crack the wall surrounding it. But no one said Kennedy had to make it easy for his angel....

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Purrrfectly Giftastic Day #1: Kari Gregg

To celebrate The Blog Hop Spot's Christmas hop, today we are featuring Kari Gregg's holiday book, I Don't: A Christmas Wish. (Even though I normally don't review non-paranormal books, I've read this one and loved it! A great Christmas story.)

To win a copy of this I Don't (along with three others), please use the Rafflecopter link at the bottom of this post.


At least he isn’t pregnant.

Seth Murphy campaigned for Maryland’s Question Six, wildly celebrating the Election Day victory for marriage equality. Divorce attorney and live-in boyfriend Owen, however, believes just as passionately that the gay community should focus on a plurality of equal rights protections instead of allocating so many resources and man-hours to one hot button issue.

Owen won’t marry Seth.

Relationship deteriorating, the couple visits the Murphy farm outside Brunswick for Christmas. Seth’s family never considered that Seth and Owen wouldn’t be first in line for a marriage license as soon as same-sex marriage passed. When they find out there won’t be a wedding, their season of miracles is invaded by pornographic gingerbread cookies, frowning church ladies, and a determined father with a tactical assault shotgun.

Neither Seth, Owen, nor their love may survive the family holiday circus to say, “I don’t.”

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chrismas Blog Hop News

Season's Greetings! The BlogHopSpot is hosting a special holiday hop and Lasha's Paranormal M/M Book Reviews is happy to be apart of the festivities. To celebrate, we are temporarily going to suspend the paranormal aspect of the site and focus on holiday cheer. Specifically, we are going to feature a book a day during the hop to culminate in a prize giveaway on December 18th via Rafflecopter.

So, be sure and check out each day of the hop as we sneak a peak into each book that is being offered up in the contest. (Please note that the only way to enter the contest is via Rafflecopter. Leaving comments under each post will not enter you into the contest! You must use Rafflecopter link to enter. Scroll to bottom of this post for Rafflecopter image.)

This is the schedule for the hop:

December 14th - Kari Gregg's I Don't: A Christmas Wish
December 15th - Diana DeRicci's What I See In You
December 16th - Mary Calmes' Cherish Your Name (Warder series)
December 17th - Z. Allora's Dark Angels: Happy Hanukkah

I hope you will come back each day and check out these great holiday stories. And please go to BlogHopSpot as 140+ other authors are also celebrating this Christmas season with great gifts! The fun starts December 14th-17th!

I've listed the other authors participating in the hop, after the break. They are listed via genre and heat ratings!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feature Author Spotlight: Lou Harper

Welcome to the Feature Author Spotlight on Lasha's Paranormal M/M Reviews. In this piece, we are going to highlight one author and their new book. (If you'd like to be featured, please email me privately).

First up is multi-talented author and artist, Lou Harper. Some of her books include: Tomfoolery, Seduction, Last Stop and her newest release Dead in L.A. (L.A. Paranormal).  

To celebrate her new novel, she is offering up a copy of the book. Please leave your name and email in a comment, if you'd like to be entered into the contest.  

And to wet your appetite, here's the blurb for Dead in L.A.:

Trouble comes in deceptive packages

Still recovering from an accident that left him emotionally and physically battered, Jon's goal is to lead a simple life, free of complications and attachments. His new roommate—a happy-go-lucky bookworm—seems to fit into his plans fine at first. He doesn't find out till later that Leander's also a psychic, specializing in finding lost pets. Jon's a skeptic when it comes to the supernatural, so he's convinced Leander's a nut job.

Jon's beliefs are challenged when Leander has to track down a missing teenager and he ropes Jon into assisting him. Soon the two of them are knee-deep in a decades-old murder case. The hills and valleys of the City of Angels hold many buried secrets, and Leander has a knack for finding them.

Jon's hopes for a trouble-free life go out the window as he's drawn deeper into Leander's psychic sleuthing. Digging into the past poses many dangers, but the biggest risk Jon faces is putting his bruised heart on the line.

Warning: Men loving men, skeletons, and an unlucky Chihuahua.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Guest Author Marcy Jacks: An Interview

I'd like to welcome Siren author Marcy Jacks to the site. Her DeWitt's Pack series has a new edition to the series called Mason Returns to His Mate that was published on November 27, 2012.

To mark the date of this new release, Marcy's characters Corey and James from the first installment, The Alpha Wolf Kidnaps A Mate have graciously agreed to appear on the site.

To celebrate their interview, I am offering up a copy of The Alpha Wolf Kidnaps A Mate to one lucky winner who leaves their name and email address in the comments.

* * *

I trudged through the snow to the main house on James DeWitt's land where the Alpha, his mate and the wise woman lived. I wasn't exactly expected, but I figured I should try and get these details soon before it was decided that I was too much of a pest and banned from ever returning.

Corey was the first to come out of the sitting room to see who was knocking at his door. He actually smiled at the sight of me, and that made my heart twitch a little. I was missed after all.

"Hey, how are you?" Corey asked, all familiar and friendly as he held out his hand.

It was the scarred one. The one his ex boyfriend had dumped silver contaminated water all over. He wasn't shy about his scars around me like he used to be, and I gladly took it to shake before we pulled each other into a quick hug. Then I came in out of the cold. Winter had come early.

"Not bad, I heard you had a new addition to the pack?"

Guess that was question one. I had to keep this short for the blog post.

Corey smiled shyly. "Yeah, he's not ours, we're just watching him while his father's away. He's sleeping now if you'd like something hot to drink?"

"Definitely. Is James here?" I wouldn't count that as one of my three questions.