Sunday, August 03, 2003

How to request a review

Since I already review romances at one other site, Dark Divas, this site will be generally dedicated to paranormal M/M books. UPDATE: I will also now be accepting M/M books that are in the contemporary and historical genres. No sci-fi or steampunk for now. Sorry, that's just not my preferred reading material.

However, if your book does fit that criteria, please read the following to see if my policies work for you, and I would be happy to review it. Now, I cannot guarantee a review, but if your blurb interests me, I will certainly try!

  • Send the blurb, cover and links to the book you want reviewed in an email to: mslasha @ gmail {dot} com. If you could include a word count/page number, that would be awesome. 
  •  I am only willing to review m/m at this point. Sorry, no m/m/m or m/f/m.
  •  Be aware I cross-post to GoodReads and Amazon. If for some reason, I don't give your book the rating you think it deserves, know that it will also be posted to those sites too. But, if I love your book, I will rave about it on those sites. So that policy could open up more sales if it goes in your favor! *g* (No, I don't cross-post to DDR or Jessewave, they have different criteria for reviews. Sorry.)
  •  If your book contains the following, I am sorry, but I won't be able to review it. Please don't ask for an exception, as these are my personal reading preferences. No go's: rape, incest, cheating between the main characters after they get together, threesomes or heavy BDSM (light BDSM is fine). 
  •  Clarification: I am fine with trans*/bi characters as love interests. I also read m/m books that contain m/f subplots (e.g. J.R. Ward's Lover at Last). I cut my teeth reading Harlequin Romances as a teen, so I love a good m/f romance story. I prefer HEA, but will read HFN.
  • Now since this is a site for (mostly) paranormal reviews, I absolutely love: Insta-Love between mates, mpreg, knotting, blood play (vampires) and supernatural things. Throw in a serial killer or two and I'm your girl! (Yes, I know I am weird. *g*) 

As for my qualifications to review your book. Well, I have been 'professionally' reviewing for over three years with two other review sites and even longer on Amazon. I like what I like. I've never claimed to be a lover a great literature, I just adore romance books. I try to be fair and honest in all my reviews and not knowingly rip a book apart. But, I will give constructive criticism if warranted, so be aware of that before you submit to me. If you need examples of my previous reviews, go here.

Thanks for stopping by!