Friday, February 28, 2014

How To Sabotage Your Writing Career in Three Easy Steps, Or Ways to Avoid That

Authors melting down. I think we've all seen it. No one, not even best-selling authors are immune. (Think Anne Rice.) But unless you have a million dollar selling backlist like Ms. Rice, please do not do the following things, or you might find your fledgling writing career over before its begun.


1. Never, ever respond to negative reviews by READERS on Amazon, GoodReads or the like. It makes you look petty, and boy does it turn new readers off.

2. Do not under any circumstances call readers: dumb, stupid, morons, curse at them, use sexist/racist terms. Again, it makes you look unprofessional, and lets face it, your first impression to readers is important! Do not make it a negative one.

3. If for some reason, you do not follow advice one and two, then step back and apologize to anyone you may have offended. An apology goes a long way and makes you look like a grown-up. We've all lost our tempers, but how you handle that afterwards might determine who buys your book in the future.

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