Monday, December 03, 2012

Guest Author Marcy Jacks: An Interview

I'd like to welcome Siren author Marcy Jacks to the site. Her DeWitt's Pack series has a new edition to the series called Mason Returns to His Mate that was published on November 27, 2012.

To mark the date of this new release, Marcy's characters Corey and James from the first installment, The Alpha Wolf Kidnaps A Mate have graciously agreed to appear on the site.

To celebrate their interview, I am offering up a copy of The Alpha Wolf Kidnaps A Mate to one lucky winner who leaves their name and email address in the comments.

* * *

I trudged through the snow to the main house on James DeWitt's land where the Alpha, his mate and the wise woman lived. I wasn't exactly expected, but I figured I should try and get these details soon before it was decided that I was too much of a pest and banned from ever returning.

Corey was the first to come out of the sitting room to see who was knocking at his door. He actually smiled at the sight of me, and that made my heart twitch a little. I was missed after all.

"Hey, how are you?" Corey asked, all familiar and friendly as he held out his hand.

It was the scarred one. The one his ex boyfriend had dumped silver contaminated water all over. He wasn't shy about his scars around me like he used to be, and I gladly took it to shake before we pulled each other into a quick hug. Then I came in out of the cold. Winter had come early.

"Not bad, I heard you had a new addition to the pack?"

Guess that was question one. I had to keep this short for the blog post.

Corey smiled shyly. "Yeah, he's not ours, we're just watching him while his father's away. He's sleeping now if you'd like something hot to drink?"

"Definitely. Is James here?" I wouldn't count that as one of my three questions.

"Right here," James said, entering the hallway, and upon seeing me, he folded his arms. "Thought you were done with us."

I know he's a nice guy, but those scars on his face make him look a little less than friendly.

"Not here for that," though I would be back. "I just wanted to check in and visit."


I nodded. I wasn't conducting a full interview, but if I learned a thing or two while I was here, all the better for me.

James sighed and led us back into the sitting room. I noted the way he and Corey held hands as they walked, and how closely they sat next to each other on the sofa. I wished I had time to check in with everyone, but I didn't want to overstay my welcome and have James kick me out for real.

"All right, what do you want to know?" James asked, folding his arms and sitting back.

I didn't pull my pen and paper out. Not with only two questions, and I know they'd all come to hate the sight of the thing. "Just a few more details, they might not make it into other books, but I thought they would be important to have."

James nodded. "All right, what?"

I looked at Corey. "The shorter the answer, the better," I said, referring to my lack of writing equipment on hand, and the fact that this would be going on a blog, but he didn't need to know that. I was pretty sure that no one here even had Internet access.

"After what Dean did to you and James, how do you feel about having hunters as pack members?

Corey blinked, and he looked down at his hand real quick before turning back to face me. "If he were alive, I guess I would hate him, but you can't hate a dead man too much, and I'm not about to blame what he did to me on Isaac or Storm, or any other hunter who realizes that what he's doing isn't right. Sorry, I guess that's not a short answer."

"No, no, it's okay. It's short-ish, and I'm glad you told me. I suspected as much, but it just clears things up a little," I said, and resisted the urge to look at my watch. I then turned to James and grinned. "I have a fun question for you."

He smiled a little, his scars lips warping as he surveyed me. "Do you?"

"Yeah. Christmas is coming, and it'll be your first big holiday together. Any plans?"

There. One basic question, one serious question, and one fun question. Nothing awkward enough to make me feel guilty for asking, and then later writing, about it.

I noted the flush of scarlet that crept up both of their necks. Corey scratched the back of his head while James coughed a little.

"We had plans, and we've already done them," James said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Well, we will do it again," Corey said, sending that shy smile to his lover.

"We could, but we're not telling her about it."

I got the feeling that, despite my efforts, I'd asked something that was private and embarrassing. I loved these guys, but sometimes I preferred filling in the blanks they left me with imagination.

I didn't need that hot drink anymore.

* * *


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